Accessibility Policy

Version française

The P.OP.I.R. -Housing Committee strives to always be accessible. We try to avoid reproducing social barriers that cause exclusions. In line with these principles, we organize ourselves to counteract the exclusions that grow from the multiple forms of oppression in our society.

Unfortunately, our main office is inaccessible for many people living with reduced mobility. Recently, to better serve people living with physical disabilities and to take a proactive role in the fight against able-ism (the systematic marginalization of people living with disabilities), we have rented an accessible office situated at 505C Place St-Henri. Going forward, we are in a position to welcome and serve all tenants, regardless of their physical capacities. We have also adopted the following, more general accessibility policy.

Concretely, the measures put in place by the POPIR-Housing Committee include:

  • Offer translation between French and English.
  • Ensure that all our services are free.
  • Provide public transport tickets for events and demonstrations.
  • Ensure that all our public events and assemblies are wheelchair accessible.
  • Ensure that we avoid the presence of allergenic substances (nuts, perfumes, animals, etc.).
  • Having a zero tolerance policy toward racist, sexist, transphobic and homophobic behaviour.
  • Offer gender-neutral washrooms in our offices.
  • Accommodate special accessibility demands, where communicated in advance.

Our efforts to guarantee equal access to all are made within the limits of our resources, and are consequently imperfect However, we welcome all suggestions that will help us improve our accessibility policy and we will do our best to include them.